Jan 12

Ely Humanists – Nous Sommes Charlie

Nous-sommes-CharlieLike all civilised people, Ely humanists were appalled and saddened by the recent attacks on the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris.

The British Humanist Association published this statement in response to the violence:
‘No words can adequately condemn the brutality of this disgusting attack. Our thoughts have of course been with the people of France throughout this truly terrifying ordeal. ‘We must also be clear that the ones to blame here are the terrorist perpetrators. Those who cry out for further censorship of cartoonists and writers in the wake of tragedies like this will only embolden the murderous outrages of these criminals. The right to free expression is a universal one, and it lies at the foundation of our every liberty. It must always be defended.’

Humanists reserve the right to criticise and ridicule those who wish to damage our liberal democracy, whether they are neo-Nazis aiming for a “racially pure” totalitarian state, or Islamic terrorists bent on creating a medieval caliphate with all the oppression and violence that this would bring. We agree with Martin Rowson, distinguished cartoonist and humanist, whose response was that these people should be “laughed into the dustbin of history.”
A number of European countries still retain outdated blasphemy laws. Humanists will continue to campaign for these to be repealed and for freedom of speech to be maintained.

Colin Gunter – Chair, Ely Humanists


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