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Event Review: Astronomy Walk and Talk with Mark Thompson

galaxyToppings Bookshop – Astronomy Walk and Talk with Mark Thompson

Friday 21st November 2014
Venue: St Peter’s Church, Ely,

Mark Thompson is a British astronomer, television presenter and writer best known for being one of the presenting team on the BBC show Stargazing Live.

I attended this event partly because of my fascination with the universe (and whatever else may lurk within it, aside from the human race), and partly because I liked the juxtaposition of exploring that universe, and learning more about its evolution, in a church.

Although the programme originally included a walk up Cherry Hill, stargazing along the way, this was curtailed by the wonderful British weather, as we could barely see the cathedral’s Lantern Tower, never mind the stars above. Instead, we enjoyed an informative and entertaining talk within the church – illustrated with stunning astrophotography.

As well as covering the science behind the images we were seeing Mark also conveyed the wonder and magnitude of what is really ‘out there’ in a humorous and engaging way. The event also served as a reminder to stop for a moment when we look up at the night sky (clouds, rain, and fog allowing!), and consider how amazing this tiny blue speck really is.

Julia Roberts – Secretary, Ely Humanists

Mark Thompson

Toppings Bookshop, Ely

photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via photopin cc

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