Sep 29

September Round-up

What is Humanism cover

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Ely Humanists donated a copy of What is Humanism?, by Michael Rosen and Annemarie Young, to Ely Library.

A letter was sent to our local Conservative MP, on behalf of Ely Humanist Group, regarding the reading of the Assisted Dying Bill in Parliament. As yet we have no response to the letter, however the Secretary received a reply to her personal letter, stating that Lucy Frazer QC MP did vote for the Bill, and explaining her reasons why. A copy of the email will be available at the next meeting.

Following a discussion on the current refugee crisis members identified national and local groups focused on providing aid**.



Our Chair, Colin, stepped down at September’s meeting and Angela has taken on the position. Many thanks to Colin for his work over the first year of Ely Humanists, and welcome to Angela! Julia remains Secretary.

The Ely Group’s Newsletter has undergone a makeover and will now include the agenda. This should be sent out in the middle of the week prior to the meeting.

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Our next meeting is due to take place October 3rd 2015, Ely Library Meeting Room, 10.00am.