Feb 13

The Big Questions – Cambridge, 21st February

TBQ Cambridge Flyer

The BBC is seeking audience members for the live broadcast of The Big Questions, taking place at Netherhall Sports Centre, Cambridge on Sunday 21st February.

The Big Questions is the BBC’s flagship ethical and moral debate programme. It is hosted by the experienced television and radio presenter Nicky Campbell, and airs on Sunday mornings from 10am-11am and from locations all around the country. The show addresses tricky moral questions facing the nation today, consulting front row experts and a select studio audience. Beliefs, informed opinions and personal stories are all aired during three lively debates.

They ask the audience to arrive at approximately 8.30am which allows ample time for teas and coffees and to meet the other audience members. Generally everyone will be finished and ready to leave no later than 11.10am.

The following information is required from everyone who wishes to reserve a seat:

• Full Name
• Age
• Contact telephone number
• Email address
• Religious Belief
• Ethnicity
• Location
• Employment status, and nature of work
• Political party membership/political leanings
• Any accessibility issues

If you are interested, please contact Stuart by email – audiencetbq@mentorn.tv – or phone 0141 611 9630


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